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Together, we need to understand your current and prospective clients. Your brand is not what you think it is. Rather, it's what your client believes it to be.

All of the great ideas in the world are of no use if they do not have a positive impact your specific brand. To start your next project right, we need to understand your business. We need to know your products. We need to know what you are doing that is different and why consumers choose you over anyone else.

We need to learn and research before we can help have a positive impact on your brand.

We then can begin to strategize. How exactly are you reaching your clients?

Our expertise spans across all platforms. It gives us the chance to explore all possibilities to reach your clients.

Yes, we need to absolutely assess new avenues, new methods for reaching clients, but we must not overlook what has been working, and why. How is your brand being positioned as compared to another?

Social Media has become a very real opportunity to reach more clients. But, are you effectively seizing the opportunity, or do you look at it as simply something else you have to do to keep up?

Our creative team designs specifically for your needs.

Your products and services are a cut above. You need designs that showcase this. In addition, across all mediums, there needs to be a consistent flow to your work. Our team is experienced with handling branding across all mediums from print, to signage, to social media and across web platforms.

Our designs are based on research, knowing you and your business, and very importantly, knowing your clients.

We want to ensure the final product is all that you need and more. One that is a multi-platform campaign that defines you and provides an easy methods for clients to interact with you.







A Few Brief Tips


S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of your web initiative. It has been said that design isn't simply how something looks, but how it works. Be very mindful of how your site is ranked when searching for your products or services. Formatting text and images, creating dynamic content, meta tags and site maps can all have a drastic positive impact on your site's accessibility. Don't be fooled into thinking the only way to get your site to the top of those search engines is simply by paying them.

Mobile Websites

It goes without saying that sites need to be accessible on mobile devices. Before jumping into a mobile version of your site, one that is probably just simplified and contains less content, take a step back and understand that this device is more intimate and very different than a desktop environment. Take some time to think about ways to create a great mobile experience. And remember, while flash on desktops is by no means a dead language, it does not run on mobile devices.

Some of our clients have mentioned that the majority of their clients solely use their site on a mobile device. This is a huge piece of the puzzle when building up a brand. Learn as much as you can about the habits of your clients.

Print Materials

The discussion over the death of print has been ongoing for probably a decade (or more). Since the release of tablet devices and smart phones, the idea has not gone away. But in many ways, print isn't going anywhere... at least not for some time. While much more energy is being poured into web endeavours, don't disregard the merits of a well designed, well printed piece of collateral. Over the past few years an odd shift has been occuring. Print is becoming more of an art form. Something you don't see every day. So think about how you can effectively use this tool to reach your clients.

Know Your Client

How much do you know about your clients? Right now, can you say they are women from the ages of 20-40? Are they actively using social media? Very often, businesses forget that their brand is by no means what they think it is. It is what their clients or prospective clients believe it is. Simply asking them can go a very long way. Take every opportunity (without bombardment) to find out everything you can about your clients.



We invite you to be part of this journey. For updates on art, our design projects, and more, follow us already!




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