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Impressions Printing, located in St. Thomas Ontario is a full service print house offering offest printing as well as both full colour and black only digital printing. They came to MODUS3 to help them re-create their entire brand.

This included a launch of a newly designed website and print collateral. We are also currently working on several other print pieces as well as all new business cards.

Stay tuned for details!


Project Details

Brochure 8.5x11
Full Process

Various Print Materials


Impressions Spare Change mobile Natures Image
Who is Mister Shh ONE42 Fishing London Knights RISE Homeless and Hungry

The Moe Syzlak Experience

Compassion Today

The Oldies Collection

COAD Heating and Air


The Agency

We focus in three primary areas: graphic/web design, writing and art. We are a marketing and design agency based in London, Ontario. We are very excited to be expanding our presence into the digital arena and launching apps for the iOS platform. So stay tuned for all of the excitement! A little more about us: we are a small group of designers, photographers, writers, and IT gurus. We all work together to create web, print, digital and more to help you, the client, connect with your audience.

Our Focus

Our core belief with design is that it needs to immediately, and effectively communicate with the user. So often with sites you don't know where to look, what to read, or how to navigate. Jeff is our primary writer. Having studied Journalism at the prestigious Sheridan in Oakville, ON he brings an artistic bent to the sometimes dry medium. As for our art, well, there isn't much to say except it is the arena where we continuously experiment. Often times these ideas transfer into the print and digital realms.


In more recent news, we are excited to announce new partnerships, artworks, articles and more! First off, we are thrilled to announcethat ONE42 will be launched early in 2013... and HTML5 site!. We will have more details soon about this new venture. As much as we love being in the office, we equally love getting outside to enjoy nature. Secondly, we have finally launched the all new Impressions Printing website. Also, we built print materials for them to create an all new brand. The company has been going through one of its largest transitions throughout 2012. They are very excited to build new lreationships and earn new business in the new year.

Finally (for now), we a re also excited about the completion of Jeff's latest artwork, Can You Spare Some Change (see above). These two canvases, believe it or not are simply the launch pad for a much larger undertaking. But, much like Steve Jobs always said and everyone still says at our beloved Appl Inc., we can't comment on it right now.



We invite you to be part of this journey. For updates on art, our design projects, and more, follow us already!



Side Projects

Currently working on an artistic endeavour. Dave will be taking five shots with his camera, writing down what they mean to him and why he took them. Then, Jeff is going to look at the photos, and write a paragraph or two about what he sees in them... then, we will gather up both written pieces along with the photos and post them for you to have a read. Really, we’re simply interested in seeing what the interpretation looks like. And, our own perceptions...




7 Sumner Rd. London, ON

Phone: 519.200.9578
Email: General Inquiry
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